Thinking Inside the Box

Stop thinking outside the box!

Did you ever identify “the box” in the first place? What if you’re thinking outside the wrong box?

Let’s lift the lid and take a look inside for a second. Your organization should have identified the contents long ago, and by the looks of things, we’ll need to brush off some dust and get reacquainted with what was once so neatly packed inside.

At one time, a lot of excitement, hope, and optimism were stored in your organization’s box and the lid was open for everyone to see. As time went by, its contents were gradually lost sight of, and eventually, they may have been forgotten all together. It looks like you may have thought outside its confines a little too often.

Inside your box should be your non-negotiables that define your organization. The foundation of your culture can be found in three key places:

  1. Purpose. Why does your organization exist and what is its intended outcome? Without a purpose, your organization is destined for burnout. Keep your purpose in front of you at all times.
  2. Passion. With purpose comes passion. Are you still intensely enthusiastic about your organization? Remaining enthusiastic and optimistic fuels success.
  3. Focus. Is your organization concentrated and unified? By clearly identifying your purpose, and sharing your passion, focus is much easier. Are your non-negotiables sharply defined or are the edges a little blurry?

No matter how large your organization, from the one person entrepreneurial venture to the fortune 500 company, getting back to the basics and regaining clarity are often necessary.

How do you define your organization? What additional items are in you box?


About Chad Miller

Christ Follower, Husband, Father. Passionate about developing people to help them reach high levels of success. Love being a part of Life School building leaders for the 21st century.
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