The Secret to Being a Great Family Leader

It’s been established that a great leader’s most cherished reward is in the success of his team. More importantly, a great leader’s triumph will carry on in the lives of those he mentored. We call this legacy.

Would you agree legacy is worth fighting for? I’d argue that only a fierce competitor willing to battle for his or her family can build a genuine legacy of leadership.

Unfortunately, in our society, we don’t often witness men and women fighting for their family. It is a unique experience to see someone leading their family with the same intensity and focus that they lead an organization or a work team.

Can a leader be called great if they’re not willing to intentionally lead at home? Not as a tyrant, or a dictator, but with the same devotion and desire as they do in the workplace.

We uncovered the secret to being a great leader while raising the stakes in my last post. I now challenge you to peel back another layer to discover what sets apart great family leaders.

Great family leaders…

  • …build great homes. Not a brick and mortar structure, but a place of safety and love.
  • …are servant leaders. Servitude is modeled and everyone contributes to the family.
  • …mentor and encourage the children (sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, etc. and their friends). Spend time with the children; you’d be amazed how they absorb knowledge, skills, character, and integrity when it’s visible to them.
  • …find teachable moments in the sensitivity of failure.

The measure of a person’s leadership is often misplaced. We look to see what accomplishments and awards they are presented in the workplace, instead of looking to see what legacy they are building in the home. When will we fight for our families the way we fight for a title? If we focused on leadership in the home, how much easier would leadership in the workplace be?

How would you answer the last questions? Do you agree/disagree? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


About Chad Miller

Christ Follower, Husband, Father. Passionate about developing people to help them reach high levels of success. Love being a part of Life School building leaders for the 21st century.
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